5 Ways to Speed Up Your US Immigration Processing

Submitting an immigration application can be a long and complex process especially for those applying themselves. Ultimately, there is a lot of information an applicant would need to understand before submitting a successful application. We want to help so here are 5 tips to help speed up your US immigration processing and avoid delays!

1. Include Additional Documents/Error-Free Application

If you decide to process your US immigration application on your own, there is a lot of room for error as immigrating can be a complex process. An easy way that all applicants can do to speed up their USCIS application is to be sure the submission is error-free. Additionally, when you are asked to provide supporting documents, submit everything you have even if the number of documents needed is met.

If you are lacking support within documents you provide or the USCIS reports an error in your application, you will receive a Request for Evidence (RFE). Receiving an RFE does not mean your application has been rejected, it just needs tweaking. We suggest trial-check your immigration application as receiving an RFE with inevitably delay your application process.

2. Pay for Premium Processing

For workers coming to the USCIS, you are given the option to pay for premium processing which is guaranteed completion within 15 calendar days. If your application isn’t processed within 15 days you will be refunded the premium processing fee and will continue with expedited processing. When seeking premium processing, you will need to determine if you are filing a Form I-907 ($1,440-$2,500) or Form I-129 ($1,440-$1,500).