Moving to the UK

Whilst the United Kingdom may be small, it’s packed full of traditions, cultures and even languages. Made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it boasts an incredible variety of people, customs and landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for quaint countryside, bustling cities or peaceful coastal life, moving to the United Kingdom has it all. Made up of 4 countries and 100 counties, the UK is a diverse and exciting location.

The UK has a rich and long-standing history and is one of very few countries to still have an active royal family. These royal traditions are combined with a contemporary and forward-thinking ethos. It’s a country proud of its history as well as the many achievements within arts, sciences and politics.

Whilst the UK navigates leaving the EU, moving can seem complicated. If you are moving during the period of Brexit uncertainty, we’re here to help. Our Brexit services give you and your company/employer the confidence to tackle international moves during this period.


Culture in the UK

The culture varies from country to country and area to area but, on the whole, it’s community focussed and friendly throughout the UK. There is a strong emphasis on spending time with loved ones as well as enjoying hobbies. And with good public transport and road links around the country and to Europe, many UK residents enjoy weekends away.

Working days are traditionally Monday-Friday, 9am to 5 or 6pm, with weekends reserved for family and social activities. In addition to generous annual leave (usually a minimum of 20 days per year), the UK also benefits from extra days off for ‘bank holidays’ throughout the year.