Relocation to Canada

Immigration application requirements

The main requirement each applicant must meet is to have his or her own UCI or a unique client identifier, also known as a client identification number or an ID number. This could be rather important in case someone is applying for the first time. The application form itself can be found on Canada’s official website.

Also, each previously mentioned immigration category has its own official set of requirements. These requirements can be altered according to a certain region or a territory in Canada. In addition, there are three characteristics one must possess in order to meet the requirements and fit into one of the categories: experience, financial resources, health requirements and language proficiency. The assessment is based on a point system as there are maximum and minimum amount of points one must collect in order to complete the legal procedure.


Immigration process and visa inquiry form

First, one must proceed with choosing the immigration program. Then, one must proceed with the visa application. There are also various visa inquiry forms which must be filled in in order to have an official permission to stay in Canada for a long-term period of time. Then comes getting ready the necessary documentation and paperwork (ECA, IELTS, RCC and other certification). And the final step is based on getting the approval from