Relocation to Canada

Immigration authorities in Canada

In Canada there are several legal authorities to whom one can appeal in order to receive a decision, reply or statement. For example, there is an Immigration and refugee board available for those, who are planning actions related to sponsorship. This official authority is also responsible for removal orders as well as the residency obligation requirements. Another legal authority is referred to as Immigration, refugees and citizenship in Canada. This structure facilitates the arrival of immigrants. It also provides protection to refugees and provides help to newcomers settling in Canada as well.


Canada immigration statistics

The reports on immigration from Statistics Canada show that in 2016 Canada has legally registered 296,346 permanent residents, in 2015 this number was 271,845 which was the highest since 2010. 53% of the registered people were economic immigrants, 26% belonged to a family class, 1% were in the humanitarians and other such as refugees and protected persons.

Some experts also divide Canada’s immigration in separate periods referred as waves, stating that there has been five waves of immigration in total since the period of British and French colonization, and the fifth wave is appearing at the moment in present days.