Relocation to Canada

Types of immigration

There are certain types of immigration based on one’s potential goals, needs and desires. For example, one can get an express entry to Canada, while immigrating as a skilled worker. Other types of Canada immigration are: family sponsorship, provincial nominee immigration, selected or territorial immigration, according one’s professional skills (Quebec), graduation immigration, caregiver immigration, start-up visa immigration, self-employed immigration, refugee immigration.


Most popular Canadian types of immigration

Those who have explored Canadian immigration statistics, know that there are 6 most popular immigration categories today, such as a federal skilled worker, Quebec skilled worker, family sponsorship, provincial nominee program, business immigrant, Canadian experience class, asylum and foreign worker program.

However, despite of many opportunities, there are only few actual ways how to make one’s immigration legal – its to obtain a permanent residence visa or to obtain a temporary work permit. The main program under which one is able to apply is referred to as the citizenship and immigration Canada or CIC program. This program includes all the already mentioned immigration categories.


Canada immigration opportunities

As there are two types of residency in Canada – permanent and temporary, there are also different kind of rules, which must be followed in order to be able to immigrate to Canada. Canada immigration expert at visas avenue is also responsible for guiding the immigrants throughout the whole procedure.

The official document regulating immigration in Canada has been the immigration Act, which is active since 1976, however, there is also an Immigration and Refugee protection act, active starting from 2002.