Working and living in the UK

All people looking to enter the UK should look into the visa requirements. Whether you are intending to work in the UK or live in the UK, there are different entry requirements. It’s important to engage with an immigration expert who can advise you of the type of visas available to you and help you with your visa application. There are also specific provisions for student visas, with UK private schools and universities being incredibly popular with foreign students.

The UK operates a nationalised healthcare system – the National Health Service (NHS). This means that UK residents have access to free healthcare, which is funded by UK taxes. That said, there are certain situations where an expat may need to get health insurance, especially if you intend on using private hospitals.

The UK, despite having been a member of the EU, does not operate the Euro currency. So, you’ll have to get used to the Pound and its denominations when moving to England. However, these days most transactions are made by card and not in cash.