Although there are many different religions co-existing within the UK, the country’s official religion is Christianity. Traditional Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas are widely celebrated and there are many social events and activities at these times. Equally, other religion’s holidays are celebrated not just within their religious population but at schools and in communities.

There’s quite a stigma surrounding British food, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you arrive. Not only are some of the classics like fish & chips, sausage and mash, or fruit crumble seriously delicious, the UK has also embraced cuisine from all over the world so there’s plenty to choose from. We’re confident that no matter where you’re coming from you’ll be able to find your favourite dishes and ingredients in the UK, especially in the large cities.

The weather sometimes gets bad press as well, but the distinction of the seasons is to be enjoyed. You’ll enjoy sunny summer days, crisp autumnal walks, snug winters in front of the fire and springs filled with blossom (even if every wise Brit takes their umbrella out with them no matter the season).


Finding a new UK home

Accommodation in the UK can range from flat shares in city centres to charming detached cottages or mansion homes in the countryside. The accommodation available runs the full gamete: from ultra-luxe modern homes and apartments, to Tudor buildings boasting original beams and tiny doors! The architectural diversity across the country gives each street real character and a sense of history.

The rental market isn’t as prominent as in other European countries, with many citizens preferring to buy, especially outside of the capital. However, there is still plenty of accommodation on offer. In general, the busiest cities have the most competitive real estate markets. Estate agencies are widely used and provide the easiest means to find accommodation, although administration and reference-checking fees are the norm.